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Framing the Core: Health Inequalities and Poverty in Saskatoon's Low-income Neighbourhoods
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Exemplary Partnerships for Low-threshold Services: The PHS Community Services Society and Vancouver Coastal Health
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Annotated Bibliography: Not-for-profit-Organizations
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The Canadian CED Network. A national organization supporting community economic development.
Vibrant communities. Linking communities across Canada to reduce poverty.

COCo - Centre for Community Organizations. A resource centre for Québec's community sector.

Réseau québécois de villes et villages en santé [Quebec network of healthy cities and towns.] A Québec movement that seeks to promote and support sustainable development of healthy living environments. In French only.

Le Réseau d'aide aux personnes seules et itinérantes de Montréal [a Montréal network to help homeless persons which also focuses on social and economic exclusion more broadly.] In French only.

Articles and books
Lasker, R.D. and E.S. Weiss (2003). Creating partnership synergy : the critical role of community stakeholders. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 26 ( 1), 119-39. Abstract available on the PubMed site.

Salamon, L. M. (ed). (2002). The State of Nonprofit America. USA : Brookings Institution Press. Read a summary on the site of Brookings Institution Press.

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Naloxone distribution is an increasingly popular initiative to combat opioid overdose-related morbidity and mortality. This guide provides an outline of how naloxone works as well as considerations for setting up a naloxone distribution program.
Published in March 2016.  Description.  Download   1.57 MB  
This document introduces the challenges related to opioids and their prescribed and non-prescribed use in Canada.
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This document examines the way in which five not-for-profit (NFP) organizations use health knowledge in their efforts to influence public policy related to population health.
Published in January 2012.  DescriptionDownload  2.5 MB.
This is the second in a series of documents examining different issues relating to partnerships between not-for-profits and public health sector.
Published in July 2011.  DescriptionDownload    259 K
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