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In order to develop and share expertise in the area of healthy public policy, we have approached the area from several different angles, as reflected in the choice of projects we have undertaken. These projects may appear diverse in terms of their subject matter (and conceptually). What they have in common is that they are directed toward common goals.

In all of our work we strive to answer the questions that public health actors are asking about healthy public policy, which we summarize in four steps:

Learn about public policies and their effects on health
Generate and use knowledge about healthy public policies
Identify models and actors for intersectoral collaboration
Influence the development of healthy public policies 

Our projects have been chosen in order to contribute to those goals. Indeed, most of our project areas cut across two or more of them. Click on one to learn more, or visit our individual project areas to see how they fit in. 

We would like to hear from you
Please send us a note to share your comments on our work, or to let us know about potential projects, ideas, interests, or new resources relating to healthy public policy.

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