Scan of Mental Health Strategies in Canada
The Scan of Mental Health Strategies aims to show what is being developed in the field of population mental health across Canada. It provides an overview of mental health and wellness and related strategies through comparative tables and summaries, with a particular emphasis on work related to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illnesses.
Updated in October 2018. Description.

The scan is presented in the form of three tables:

1. Provincial and territorial strategies in mental health whose objectives target different dimensions of the intervention continuum linked with mental wellness and mental illness;
2. Strategies related to suicide prevention; and
3. Indigenous-specific mental health and/or wellness strategies.

In the tables: by clicking on the title of a strategy, you will be directed to a summary page presenting a summary of the strategy, its objectives, guiding values and principles, mental health promotion, mental illness prevention, and early intervention dimensions, and elements of its evaluation. By clicking on the links in the sources and preceding strategies and accompanying evaluation reports sections, you will be directed to the website with the original document.


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People who contributed to this scan
Stephani Arulthas, Pascale Mantoura, Mylène Maguire

We would like to thank the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health for their assistance during the validation process.

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