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In this webinar, co-presented by the NCCMT, the NCCHPP and the NCCDH, we presented the Tool for Assessing the Effects of Local Intersectoral Action. This interactive online tool was created by the Canada Research Chair in Community Approaches and Health Inequalities (CACIS) in collaboration with its partners.
February 2021. Description.
This webinar addressed the economic and social inequalities-related factors in Nordic countries and Scotland in times of COVID-19. It was held on January 26, 2021.
January 2021. Description.
In this webinar, co-presented by the NCCHPP and the NCCMT, we discussed how the NCCHPP's online course in public health ethics was developed and then we offered an overview of its content. Then in order to illustrate its relevance and utility for the public health sector, a health professional discussed the ethical challenges she has faced in professional practice, as well as her experience in taking the NCCHPP's online course.
January 2021. Description.
This webinar offered an introduction to wellbeing and wellbeing budgeting with a particular focus on public health and the promises they may hold for a pandemic recovery.
November 2020. Description.

The NCCHPP offered a webinar to explore how Health in All Policies can help address inequalities and act on the social determinants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was held on November 10, 2020.
November 2020. Description.
In this webinar, co-presented by the NCC for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) and the NCCHPP, Thierno Diallo presented the HIA process as a tool for promoting the adoption of healthy public policies. He introduced the NCCHPP's online course on HIA as a tool to support HIA capacity building. Then Gabrielle Manseau spoke about her HIA experience on HIA's challenges and benefits, as well as her experience with the NCCHPP's online course. This webinar was held on February 13, 2020.
February 2020. Description. Webinar Recording.
This webinar discussed the evaluation of an HIA process. It was offered in French only.
October 2019. Description.
This webinar looked into policy briefs as tools for sharing knowledge with policy makers: their effectiveness, their possible forms, and how to produce them. It was held on June 19, 2019.
May 2019. Description.

In this webinar, co-presented by the NCCHPP and Public Health Sudbury & Districts, presenters discussed a general overview of the roles of public health in population mental health and wellness promotion and presented an example of integration of a population mental health perspective in public health practice. This webinar was held on Friday March 22, 2019, from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EDT.
March 2019. Description PPT.
The purpose of this webinar was to equip public health actors to conduct a critical and nuanced ethical analysis of public health policies or population-based interventions accused or suspected of being paternalistic. This webinar was held on February 19, 2019. It was followed by an optional 30 min. discussion period.
February 2019. Description. PPT  1 MB
This webinar introduced the punctuated equilibrium model and discussed its utility for public health actors who want to take action on public policies. It was held on November 20, 2018.
November 2018. Description. PPT  904 K.

This webinar, co-hosted by the National Collaborating Centres for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) and Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) was organized for the 10th anniversary of the death of Brian Sinclair, an Anishinaabe man who died after waiting for treatment at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre Emergency Room for 34 hours. This was an opportunity to discuss the story of Brian Sinclair in the context of the history of the city of Winnipeg, and the history of health care in the province of Manitoba, and to critically examine anti-Indigenous racism.  
September 2018.  Description. Watch on Youtube.
This webinar, presented by the NCCHPP's Val Morrison, sought to equip participants with new tools and approaches to better approach wicked problems in their practice. This webinar was held on March 6, 2018.
February 2018.  Description.  PPT  1.3 MB
In this webinar, presenter Dr. Bernie Pauly shared insights drawn from the Equity Lens in Public Health (ELPH) research project into some of the ethical issues practitioners face in addressing health inequities in public health practice, as well as some means for navigating these issues within health organizations.
November 2017.  Description. PPT  1.1 MB

This webinar, presented by the NCCHPP's Val Morrison, was intended to enable public health actors to more easily distinguish between the most widespread policy approaches that have been proposed to reduce health inequalities.
March 2017.  Description. PPT  1.3 MB
In this webinar, co-presented by NCCHPP and NCCMT, and featuring Dr. Megan Ward from Peel Public Health, participants discussed the evidence and ethics of a case involving choosing among interventions in order to best respond to public health priorities.
February 2017.  Description. PPT  1.8 MB


In this webinar, co-presented by NCCHPP and NCCID, participants discussed the evidence and ethics of a case involving the use of point-of-care testing to expand access to diagnostic technologies for infectious disease in remote or northern communities.
January 2017.  DescriptionPPT   2.6 MB.

This webinar, presented by the NCCHPP's Florence Morestin, focused on the advisors of policy makers: who are they, and why and how can they be approached when one wants public health knowledge to be considered during public policy development? This webinar took place on December 13, 2016.
December 2016.  Description. .

In this webinar, co-presented by NCCHPP and NCCEH, participants discussed the evidence and ethics of a case involving radon.
November 2016.  Description.  PPT  1.7 MB. 
This webinar presented “Through Road/Main Street Interventions.” This term refers to sections of public roadways that have a dual purpose, serving both as the main streets of small or medium-sized communities and as through routes for motor vehicles.
January 2016.  Description.

This webinar offered a general overview of the concept of wicked problems, particularly as they relate to healthy public policy.
November 2015. 
In this webinar, participants practised applying public health ethics frameworks to cases that were developed for discussion. 
October 2015.  Description.

The NCCHPP's Florence Morestin offered this webinar on June 11, 2015.
June 2015. DescriptionDownload  2.16 MB

The NCCHPP's Florence Morestin presented this webinar with Public Health Ontario's Kim Bergeron on February 13, 2015.
March 2015.  DescriptionDownload  1.3 MB
The goal of this webinar, presented on June 19th 2014 by Pascale Mantoura, was to present a framework on Population Mental Health for public health.
June 2014. Description. Download  1.69 MB.


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