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Webinar - What is Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of Public Policies?
On October 21 and November 25, 2014, Julie Castonguay from the NCCHPP led a webinar entitled “What is Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of Public Policies?”. 
November 2014. Description. Download  1.35 MB

In partnership with the Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPN) and as part of continuing professional education activities, education credits were offered to physicians and residents in public health.


This webinar was a broad overview of what Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is, especially the kind of HIA that is meant to support decision making in the public sector. It consisted of a presentation that included frequent interaction with participants, and a final question and discussion period.

HIA is most frequently used to assess policy or project proposals from sectors other than the health care sector. These proposals do not target health as their principal goal, but might have an impact on the determinants of health. HIA offers a systematic and rigorous process through which public health actors and decision makers from other sectors can collaborate to make sure these health effects are taken into consideration in the final proposal.

HIA involves attempting to estimate, with the help of contextual and scientific information, the possible effects on the determinants of health and health inequalities. Its main objective is to formulate recommendations that will minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive impacts of the policy or project.

At the end of this webinar, the participants were able to:

  • Understand the origin and values of HIA
  • Describe the five steps of HIA
  • Recognize HIA as an approach to support public sector decision making
  • Find necessary resources to learn more about different aspects of HIA

What is Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of Public Policies?
46 slides
 1.35 MB 
 Image - first page of the presentation - click to download

Suggested Reading:

St-Pierre, L. (2009). Introduction to HIA. Montréal, Québec: National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.


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