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Online Education Course – HIA Step by Step
A 12-hour online education course on health impact assessment (HIA) of public policies is offered by the NCCHPP. This online course will focus on the five steps of HIA and takes place over 5 weeks. It will allow you to become familiar with the HIA process applied to public policies, recognize its fundamentals, and think about the favourable conditions for successful HIA implementation.
Updated July 2017. Description.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are no courses (in English or in French) scheduled for the year 2018-2019. We are currently working on adapting the course to create a self-paced, self-directed mode and free of charge online version. This version should be available by March 2019. If you wish to be informed when this version becomes available, please subscribe to our Health Impact Assessment mailing list.

General Information
The duration of the course is 12 hours in total, including two webinars (in the first and the fourth week of the program), self-paced online modules, discussion forums, and other interactive activities. The workload is spread over 5 weeks.

The “Campus Virtuel” (or Virtual Campus e-learning platform) of the INSPQ – Québec's Public Health Institute – will be the host of this online course. Online access to the course is only possible for the duration of the course.

Target audience and learning objectives
The course is intended for practitioners, professionals and decision makers active in the health and social services sector (particularly public health), from non-governmental organizations, or for any person interested in public policies and their impacts on population health.

This online course will familiarize participants with the application of the HIA process to public policies, in collaboration with local stakeholders.

At the end of this online course, participants will be able to:
- Recognize the fundamentals of the HIA of public policies
- Explain the steps of a high-quality HIA
- Know the favourable conditions for successful HIA implementation

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of population health concepts (determinants of health and health equity).

Learning methods and course chart
This online course on HIA of public policies will consist of two webinars, and seven self-paced online modules offered on the e-learning platform of the INSPQ (the “Campus Virtuel”).

After a first module explaining the workings of this online course, a live webinar will introduce the theoretical fundamentals of the HIA of public policies. Afterwards, the self-paced modules will follow the standard steps of HIA. These will be blended with interactive activities such as discussion forums, video clips with tips and commentaries from national and international experts, and interactive quizzes. Finally, a live webinar will conclude the course and will address the questions of the favourable conditions for HIA implementation.

For more information and a detailed course calendar, please download the Course Outline  (220 K). 

To register 
Please note that there are no courses (in English or in French) scheduled for the year 2017-2018. If you wish to be informed when the next course becomes available, please subscribe to our Health Impact Assessment mailing list.

Registration for the Minimum number of participants: 10, maximum number of participants 25. (See Terms and Conditions for more details).

The registration fee is $300 CDN (plus applicable taxes).

Registration is done online, and payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is required when filling in the registration form for the course.

Important: the choice of the language of the course is made at registration and cannot be modified. To register for the course in French, click here

Before registering, please take careful note of the usage conditions, reimbursement policy, and basic technological prerequisites here. 

This online course is in the process of receiving accreditation.

Please check the Q&A page for some answers to frequently-asked-questions on the NCCHPP online course offering for Health Impact Assessment.

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