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Annotated Bibliographies of the NCCHPP's Work
These annotated bibliographies are useful for those who wish to have - or to share - a quick reference to the NCCHPP's work, organized by project area.
Last update: November 2014.  Description.
These annotated bibliographies list the NCCHPP's work produced to date, with résumés and with links to the documents on our site. These may be useful should you wish to let colleagues know about one or more of our works in a particular project area. We encourage you to copy and share these documents.

Analyzing Public Policies
 572 K 

Built Environment
  588 K


Deliberative Processes
 557 K


  572 K


Health Impact Assessment
 596 K


Health Inequalities
 586 K


Integrated Governance
 567 K


 560 K


Population Mental Health
 559 K


Public Policy Processes
 729 K


Sharing Knowledge
  564 K                  

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