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NCCHPP e-Bulletin - June 2010
Published June 3, 2010.


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The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) seeks to increase the expertise of public health actors across Canada in healthy public policy through the development, sharing and use of knowledge.  
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In the Spotlight this month -  Summer Institute 2010 Making Connections for Public Health Practice, Policy, and Research.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health Annual Summer Institute from June 28 to 30, 2010, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This event will be an opportunity for participants to engage in a pan-Canadian exchange across public health and other sectors in order to share practices, outline interests and develop potential collaborations.

You will have the opportunity to hear from numerous participants, including: Ron Labonté, Patricia Martens, Conrad Sauvé, Jason Scott Robert and Albert Marshall.

We encourage you to register now, as spaces are limited.

Visit the 2010 Summer Institute website for more information or to register.

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The Centre in Action

Knowledge to Action: Engage, Enable, Inspire.
The NCCHPP will participate in the National Community Health Nurses of Canada Conference, to be held in Toronto from June 16 to 18, 2010. We are looking forward to engaging with community health nurses and learning more about this community's specific interests.

To this end, François Benoit, the Centre's Lead, will host a roundtable discussion entitled "Acting on Healthy Public Policy: Tapping into the Expertise, Points of View and Needs of Community Health Nurses."

As well, Christopher McDougall, the Centre's research officer in public health ethics, will host a networking Café, entitled "Public Health Ethics: An Introduction and Interactive Discussion of Cases."

Both sessions will be held on Friday, June 18th. To read more, click here.
Click here to Consult the Conference Program on the Community Health Nurses of Canada website.

Public Engagement to Inform Ethically Challenging Public Health Policies: Approaches, Evidence and Insights
The NCCHPP will host a workshop at the 21st Annual Conference of the Canadian Bioethics Society, on June 10, 2010, in Kelowna, B.C. This workshop will present conceptual models for public engagement to inform ethically challenging public health policies. It will also cover the methodological approaches and results of projects that have successfully created public dialogues. Participants will also have the opportunity to exchange through small group discussions.

Click here to learn more about this session.

Click here to visit the Canadian Bioethics Society website.

Public Health in Canada: Shaping the Future Together
From June 13 to 16, 2010, the NCCHPP will be attending the Canadian Public Health Association's Centennial Conference in Toronto, in order to connect with public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics and students from across the country.

On Monday, June 14, at 10:30 a.m., the Centre's Christopher McDougall will present a session entitled "Ethics during a Pandemic: Development of a Canadian inventory of resources, plans, case studies, and researchers." This will include an overview of the NCCHPP's work in developing public health ethics tools and resources.
During that session, Christopher McDougall will also present "Engaging the Voices of the Public: Evidence and Implications of Citizen Perspectives on Canada's Global Role Before, During and After an Influenza Pandemic." He will put forward the results from a CIHR-funded study in which he participated for the Canadian Program of Research on Ethics in a Pandemic (CanPrep).

Click here to visit the CanPrep website.

Click here to learn more about this conference.

Our new Publications in the Spotlight 

Information Grids - Canadian HIA Initiatives 
To support HIA at the local level, the Centre developed a model for an HIA information grid, and then worked with three local HIA initiatives to develop information grids relating to their work.

Here are three grids that emerged from projects we have been following: the PATH project that conducted an HIA for a recreational centre project in Nova Scotia, a City of Toronto initiative considering a proposal for processing mixed waste to reduce landfill, as well as a proposal for a tricomposting plant project in Montérégie, Quebec.
Click here to read more or to download the documents 

Image - cover page of the document - click to download


please note that the NCCHPP's session entitled "Advocacy in Public Health", organized for June 13th, 2010, at the CPHA Conference, has been cancelled. We will use this bulletin to keep you informed about future workshops related to advocacy.


Thank you for reading. As always, we would like to hear your comments on this and all of our work.




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