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Health Impact Assessment (HIA) 01-09-2021
Impact Assessments in Indigenous Contexts: Promising Avenues for Reflection and Improvement for Health Impact Assessment
This report presents findings from a literature review on impact assessments in Indigenous contexts and proposes courses of action aimed at improving the practice of health impact assessment (HIA) in Indigenous contexts.
September 2021. Description. Download.  895 K
Population Mental Health 28-06-2021
Build Back Better: Wellbeing Budgets for a Post COVID-19 Recovery?
This Fact Sheet presents the recent turn to wellbeing in the policy making of central governments and considers whether it holds promise as part of the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.
August 2021. Description. Download.  580 K
Climate Change 23-03-2021
Article – Tools and Methods to Include Health in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies and Policies: A Scoping Review
This scoping review identifies tools and methods that can help to integrate health considerations into climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and policies.
March 2021. Description.
Policy Processes 02-12-2020
Understanding Public Policy Agenda Setting Using the 4 P's Model: Power, Perception, Potency and Proximity
This note on agenda setting helps one to understand the ranking of government priorities, that is, why some issues are prioritized and others ignored.
December 2020. Description. Download.  842 Ko
Policy and Climate Change 02-12-2020
Tools and Methods for Integrating Health into Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policies and Strategies
This document presents the results of a scoping review of the literature on existing tools and methods for integrating health concerns into climate change adaptation and mitigation policies and strategies.
January 2021. Description. Download.  1 MB
Analyzing Public Policies 02-12-2020
Public Policy Competencies for Public Health: A Review of the Literature
This report presents findings from a scoping review with analysis of the literature on competencies for healthy public policy.
February 2021. DescriptionDownload.  1 MB
Knowledge Sharing 02-09-2020
How to Collaborate With Municipalities: A Practical Guide for Public Health Actors
This document offers advice based on the perspectives of municipal elected officials and public servants and of public health actors involved in collaborations.
October 2020. Description. Download.  1.3 MB
Integrated Governance 29-06-2020
Report of the Pan-Canadian meeting on Health in All Policies (HiAP)
The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public (NCCHPP) organized a Pan-Canadian meeting on Health in All Policies (HiAP) in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (MSSS – Québec's ministry of health and social services). The Centre has prepared a
report presenting the results of the discussions that took place during the meeting, as well as a summary version.
Published in June 2020. Description. Download  1.1. MB
Ethics 18-06-2020
An Ethics Framework for Analyzing Paternalism in Public Health Policies and Interventions
This document, based on a longer briefing note, is intended to help public health actors to conduct an ethical analysis of policies that are said to be paternalistic.
Published in June 2020. Description. Download.  1.6 MB
Policy and Climate Change 20-05-2020
Ecological Economics and Public Health: An Interview with Dr. Trevor Hancock
This document, written by Dr. Trevor Hancock, presents the core ideas of ecological economics.
May 2020. Description. Download.  1.2 MB
Health Inequalities 20-05-2020
Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities: A practical exercise using the example of food security
This document is part of a series of short documents based on the Briefing Note, Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities.
May 2020. Description. Download.  401 K
Integrated Governance 26-02-2020
Five examples of intersectoral action for health at the local and regional level in Canada
This document describes and analyzes five Canadian experiences of intersectoral action for health linked to local and regional governments.
February 2020. Description. Download.  934 K
Evaluation d'impact sur la santé (EIS) 10-12-2019
Preparing and Conducting Work Meetings Within the Context of the Health Impact Assessment Process
This practical guide aims to support the reader in carrying out a health impact assessment (HIA).
Published in December 2019. Description. Download.  752 K
Health Inequalities 31-03-2019
Resolving wicked problems: key factors and resources
This document is part of a series of documents, webinars, and workshops on wicked problems.
March 2019. Description. Download.  622 K
Approaching Municipalities to Share Knowledge: Advice from Municipal Civil Servants to Public Health Actors
What is an effective way to share public health knowledge with the municipal sector? In this document, we present the views expressed by civil servants in Canadian municipalities.
March 2019. Description. Download.  1.4 MB
Policy Processes 28-01-2019
Fostering Evidence-informed Policy Making: Uncertainty Versus Ambiguity
This briefing note, by Paul Cairney of the University of Stirling, presents the importance of distinguishing between uncertainty and ambiguity in the strategies aimed to develop evidence-informed policy making.
Published in January 2019. DescriptionDownload  624 K
e-Bulletin 23-01-2019
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - January 2019
Published January 23, 2019.
e-Bulletin 07-11-2018
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - November 2018
Published November 7, 2018.
Mental Health Scan 04-10-2018
Scan of Mental Health Strategies in Canada
The Scan of Mental Health Strategies aims to show what is being developed in the field of population mental health across Canada. It provides an overview of mental health and wellness and related strategies through comparative tables and summaries, with a particular emphasis on work related to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illnesses.
Updated in October 2018. Description.
e-Bulletin 01-09-2018
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - September 2018
Published September 12, 2018.
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