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e-Bulletin 15-02-2018
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - February 2018
Published February 15, 2018.
Policy Processes 22-01-2018
An Introduction to Punctuated Equilibrium: A Model for Understanding Stability and Dramatic Change in Public Policies
This briefing note belongs to a series on the various models used in political science to represent public policy development processes.
Published in January 2018.  Description.  Download   632 K
e-Bulletin 16-11-2017
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - November 2017
Published November 16, 2017.
Knowledge Sharing 08-11-2017
Knowledge Sharing and Public Policy Series - Policy Makers' Advisors, Scientific Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing: Highlights of a Literature Review and Key Lessons
This summary of our literature review on the advisors of policy makers focuses on the key lessons for professionals and researchers who wish to share public health knowledge to inform public policy development.
November 2017. Description. Download.  1.2 MB
e-Bulletin 27-09-2017
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - September 2017
Published September 27, 2017.
Population Mental Health 25-09-2017
A Framework for Supporting Action in Population Mental Health
This document, a translation from an original published article, builds on previous work by the NCCHPP and illustrates how the population mental health framework for public health could be implemented in the Québec context. It is the result of a collaboration between Pascale Mantoura from the NCCHPP, Marie-Claude Roberge from the INSPQ and Louise Fournier from the Université de Montréal.
September 2017. Description. Download.  725 K
e-Bulletin 19-07-2017
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - July 2017
Published July 19, 2017.
e-Bulletin 24-05-2017
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - May 2017
Published May 24, 2017.
Knowledge Sharing 31-03-2017
Knowledge Sharing and Public Policy Series - The Advisors of Policy Makers: Who Are They, How Do They Handle Scientific Knowledge and What Can We Learn About How to Share Such Knowledge with Them?
The advisors of policy makers play an important role in public policy development and in determining whether and how scientific knowledge is used during this process. This literature review explores their role and proposes avenues for reflection for public health actors who wish to share knowledge with them.
Updated in November 2017. Description. Download.  862 K
Tips for making the most of the proposed avenues for reflection  613 K
Population Mental Health 31-03-2017
Healthy Public Policies and Population Mental Health Promotion for Children and Youth
This briefing note clarifies the relationships between healthy public policies (HPPs), mental health promotion and reducing inequalities in the mental health of children and youth.
March 2017. Description. Download.  1.9 MB
Population Mental Health 31-03-2017
Population Mental Health in Canada: Summary of Emerging Needs and Orientations to Support the Public Health Workforce
This briefing note summarizes emerging needs with regards to population mental health in Canada and identifies orientations to support the Canadian public health workforce in this field.
March 2017. Description. Download.  779 K
Built Environment 31-03-2017
Aging and Safe Active Transportation: Issues and Courses of Action for Public Roadway Development
In this document, we will discuss the challenges relating to the efforts to promote safe active travel in the context of an aging population, and we will outline a few courses of action.
March 2017. Description. Download.  663 K
Built Environment 31-03-2017
Raised Crosswalks and Continuous Sidewalks: "Pedestrian Priority"
In this document, we discuss the ins and outs of municipal norms concerning the implementation of raised crosswalks and continuous sidewalks for the promotion of environments conducive to safe active travel.
March 2017. Description. Download.  944 K
Health Inequalities 31-03-2017
Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities: Social Determinants of Health and of Health Inequalities
This document explores the social determinants of health and the social determinants of health inequalities.
March 2017. Description. Download.  982 K
Population Mental Health 31-03-2017
Population Mental Health in Canada: An Overview of the Context, Stakeholders and Initiatives to Support Action in Public Health
This briefing note proposes a portrait of the context, stakeholders and initiatives that support public health action in population mental health in Canada.
March 2017. Description. Download.  657 K
e-Bulletin 08-03-2017
NCCHPP e-bulletin - April 2017
Published on April 18, 2017.
e-Bulletin 08-03-2017
NCCHPP e-bulletin - March 2017
Published on March 8, 2017.
Integrated Governance 27-02-2017
Selected Tools to Facilitate the Integration of Health in All Policies
The intent of this briefing note is to introduce some tools developed in recent years to facilitate the integration of health issues into the decision-making processes of sectors whose primary concern is not population health.
Published in February 2017. Description  Download  1.3 MB
e-Bulletin 17-01-2017
NCCHPP e-Bulletin - January 2017
Published January 18, 2017.
Knowledge Sharing 10-01-2017
Annotated Bibliographies of the NCCHPP's Work
These annotated bibliographies are useful for those who wish to have - or to share - a quick reference to the NCCHPP's work, organized by project area.
Last update: January 2017.  Description.
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