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Webinar - Introduction to Public Health Ethics
Olivier Bellefleur and Michael Keeling from NCCHPP presented a webinar entitled ''Introduction to Public Health Ethics'' on December 16, 2014 in English.
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In this webinar presented by the NCCHPP, participants considered some of the whats, whys and hows of practical ethics for public health practitioners. This interactive presentation visited some of the vast field of ethics by examining how certain theories, approaches, principles and frameworks in public health ethics can have diverse implications. In order to make these implications more concrete, we used examples drawn from different areas of public health practice. The overall goal of this webinar was to help participants to identify and address ethical issues in their sectors.

By joining us for this webinar, participants advanced their ability to recognize the principal implications of:

  • Ethical theories like utilitarianism and deontology;
  • Principle-based approaches;
  • Key values and principles related to public health.

Introduction to Public Health Ethics
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