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Workshop - Ethics Practice for Public Health Practitioners - TOPHC 2015
The NCCHPP's Michael Keeling and Olivier Bellefleur offered a 90-minute workshop at the Ontario Public Health Convention, on March 27, 2015.
March 2015. Description. Download   756 K

During this workshop, participants considered some of the whats, whys and hows of practical ethics for public health practitioners. The goal was to help participants identify and address ethical issues in their sectors and examples from various public health sectors were used throughout. The field of ethics is vast, and rather than selecting one approach over another, we considered how different theories, approaches, principles and frameworks in public health ethics can have different implications.

Below, you will find the PowerPoint developed for the workshop. We have also included handouts were used during small group discussions. Each of these provides a summary of an ethics framework for public health as well as a description of a case. 

This workshop, organized by the NCCHPP, took place in Toronto on March 27, 2015, during the Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC).

Ethics Practice for Public Health Practitioners
42 slides
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 Image - first page of the presentation - click to download

Handout A 
2 pages
 571 K

Framework summary adapted from: ten Have, M., van der Heide, A., Mackenbach, J. P., & Beaufort, I. D.
(2012). An ethical framework for the prevention of overweight and obesity: A tool for thinking through a
programme's ethical aspects. European Journal of Public Health, 23(2), 299-305.

 Image - first page of the document - click to download

Handout B
2 pages
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Framework summary adapted from: Marckmann, G., Schmidt, H., Sofaer, N., & Strech, D. (2015).
Putting public health ethics into practice: A systematic framework. Frontiers of Public Health, 3(23), 1-8.

 Image - first page of the document - click to download

To read the complete workshop's description, have a look at the Convention's Program (see page 5).

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