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Workshop - Introduction to Practical Ethics for Public Health - CPHA 2015
The NCCHPP's Michael Keeling and Olivier Bellefleur offered a workshop at the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Conference, on May 27, 2015.
June 2015. Description. Download 962 K

In this session, similar to the one presented at the TOPHC 2015 conference, participants considered some of the whats, whys and hows of practical ethics for public health practitioners. The goal was to help participants to identify and address ethical issues in their sectors. New examples from different areas of public health practice were used throughout and one of them was analyzed using two new summaries of public health ethics frameworks.

Below, you will find the PowerPoint developed for the workshop as well as new handouts that were used during small group discussions. Each of these provides a summary of an ethics framework for public health and a description of a case.

This workshop, organized by the NCCHPP, took place in Vancouver on May 27, 2015, during the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Conference.

Introduction to practical ethics for public health 
43 slides
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Handout A
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Framework summary adapted from: Bernheim, R. G., Nieburg, P., & Bonnie, R. J. (2009). Ethics and the practice of public health. In R. A. Goodman, R. E. Hoffman, W. Lopez, G. W. Matthews, M. Rothstein, & K. Foster (Eds.), Law in Public Health Practice, 2nd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Handout B
2 pages
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Framework summary adapted from: Baum, N. M., Gollust, S. E., Goold, S. D., & Jacobson, P. D. (2007). Looking ahead: Addressing ethical challenges in public health practice. Global Health Law, Ethics, and Policy, 35(4), 657-667.

To learn more, please visit the Conference's website.

To read the complete workshop's description, have a look at the Conference's Preliminary Program (see page 27).

To access the material we used at TOPHC 2015, including a different case and summaries of two other ethics frameworks, click here.

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