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Presentation - Paternalism(s), Cognitive Biases and Healthy Public Policy - JASP 2015
The Centre's Olivier Bellefleur offered a presentation on December 9 at JASP 2015, in Montréal.
December 2015.  Description.
The NCCHPP participated in the Journées annuelles de santé publique (JASP - Québec's Annual Public Health Days), held in Montréal on December 8 and 9, 2015.

On Tuesday December 9, Olivier Bellefleur presented “Paternalism(s), cognitive biases and healthy public policy” during a one-day workshop entitled: “Should we protect people from themselves” (Faut-il protéger les gens contre eux-mêmes ?). The goal for this day-long workshop was to strengthen participants' capacities in proposing, critiquing and justifying diverse interventions in public health, notably through the use of concepts drawn from behavioural economics. 

PowerPoint - Paternalism(s), Cognitive Biases and Healthy Public Policy
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Summary - Paternalism(s), Cognitive Biases and Healthy Public Policy
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For more information about the event click here (in French only, on the JASP website).

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