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Workshop - Ethics in Community and Public Health: From Simulation to Application
The Centre's Olivier Bellefleur and Michael Keeling were in Winnipeg on March 2 to present a half-day workshop focusing on community and public health ethics with practitioners, managers and administrators. 
March 2016. DescriptionDownload  1.28 MB
This session took place during the “Health for All: Equity, Access and the Ethics of ‘Universal' Health Care” 2016 Health Ethics Forum organized by the Manitoba Provincial Health Ethics Network (MB-PHEN) and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. 

In this three-hour session, participants focused on practising applied ethics in community and public health settings. After briefly introducing participants to some of the key features and orientations of community and public health ethics, we applied ethics frameworks to issues that are relevant in Manitoba and elsewhere.

Frameworks are tools that have been developed to help practitioners to:
• highlight ethical values and reveal issues,
• work and deliberate together about what to do,
• make better (though not necessarily easier) decisions, and
• provide more informed and more transparent reasons for our decisions.

Specifically, we used frameworks to help us analyze community and public health approaches, with extensive small group work to create a space in which participants did real ethics work on a real issue of local interest for health and health equity.

Ethics in Community and Public Health: From Simulation to Application
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For more information about this event, click here (on the site of the Manitoba Provincial Health Ethics Network).

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