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Health Impact Assessment as a tool to reduce health inequalities
At the Canadian Public Health Association's 2008 Conference in Halifax, the Centre's Louise St-Pierre presented the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) approach and showed how it can be used as a tool to address health inequalities.
Published in June 2008.  DescriptionDownload  522 K.
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is an approach which proposes a framework and tools to help identify the potential negative impacts on health and inequalities of a policy or program proposal and to offer alternatives if necessary.

The proposed framework aims to support the policy elaboration process and the collaboration process with decision-makers, while valuing the participation of the individuals who will be affected by the implementation of different policies.

Health Impact Assessment as a Tool to Influence Public Policy and Work on Inequalities 
 522 K
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This presentation was designed to help participants better understand HIA, the role it can play in the policy process and how it can contribute to reducing health inequalities.

Louise St-Pierre presenting at CPHA 2008


- Introduction to the field and practice of HIA: its definition, goals and principles
- HIA and the policy development process
- HIA as a procedure and as a tool
- An illustration, the case of a domestic waste management plant to transform domestic waste into compost

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