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Workshop - Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities - TOPHC 2017
The NCCHPP's Val Morrison offered a 90-minute workshop at the Ontario Public Health Convention, on March 31, 2017.
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This workshop was intended to enable public health actors to more easily distinguish between the most widespread policy approaches to reducing health inequalities. These approaches are political economy; macro social policies; intesectionality; lifecourse; settings approach; approaches that aim at living conditions; those that target communities; and finally approaches aimed at individuals.

The workshop sought to clarify how these different approaches are grounded theoretically and how they affect inequalities differently. To better understand the different potential impacts of these approaches, we shed some light on two interrelated dimensions that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Firstly, we clarified the distinction between the types of determinants of health or of health inequalities that may be targeted by the various approaches to reducing health inequalities. Secondly, we explored how these different approaches are more or less likely to have successful outcomes in terms of reducting health inequalities.

Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities     
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To learn more about this event, have a look at the Convention's website.

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