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Workshop - Public Health Ethics, Ethics Frameworks and Paternalism
Olivier Bellefleur and Michael Keeling facilitated a three-hour workshop on paternalism in public health and on the Centre's approach to ethics during a bioethics course at the Université de Montréal.
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On November 27, 2017, Olivier Bellefleur and Michael Keeling were invited to facilitate a three-hour workshop in the course BIE6000 -  Bioéthique: origines, sens, pratiques (Bioethics : origins, meaning, practices) offered to postgraduate students at the Université de Montréal.

During this workshop, we discussed the NCCHPP's approach to public health ethics, the rationale for using ethics frameworks as well as some of their characteristics. Then we turned our attention to the ethics of paternalism in public health using two case studies of potentially paternalistic public health measures. 


Presentation - Public Health Ethics, Ethics Frameworks and Paternalism
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While this is based on previous presentations, notably the one from February 23, 2017, the second half of this PowerPoint has been considerably revised and provides our most up-to-date presentation of an approach for a more nuanced ethical analysis of paternalism. The revisions are based on feedback from prior workshops as well as from reviewers of our now-published briefing note on the subject, How Can We (and Why Should We) Analyze the Ethics of Paternalistic Policies in Public Health? available here


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