Exchange Day on Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
On October 23, 2018, the Centre's Thierno Diallo offered a presentation during a day of exchanges on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that was held in Rennes, France. This day was organized by the École des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP) and gathered together experts from France, Switzerland and Québec.
February 2019. Description. Download.  1.8 MB.

The NCCHPP was invited to participate in this exchange day on HIA. The objectives were to:

  • engage in reflection on the deployment of this approach in France
  • analyze practices from an international perspective with the point of view of experts from abroad
  • present the EHESP's new collaborative platform.

Thierno Diallo's presentation provided an overview of the implementation of HIA at the international level in relation to the practice challenges in France.

Health impact assessment : Exchange day with practitioners – International perspective
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Image of the first slide of the presentation - click to download.

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