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Deliberative Processes and Healthy Public Policies
This presentation was part of the NCCHPP's pre-conference session on healthy public policy at the Canadian Public Health Association's 2009 Conference.
Published in June, 2009.  DescriptionDownload  317 K.
The NCCHPP presented a Pre-Conference Session at the Canadian Public health Association 2009 annual Conference in Winnipeg on June 7. The title of the Pre-Conference Session was Healthy Public Policy: From Theory to Practice.

With a mix of presentations, case studies and small group discussions, this session focused on practical means for acting upon public policy, including deliberative processes and their potential for bringing context and depth to policy discussions.

Deliberative Processes and Healthy Public Policies
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To view the two other presentations introducing the areas under discussion during the day's workshop, check the links below.

Problem Framing: Implications for Partnerships with Not-for-profits

Health Impact Assessment: A Public Health Practice for Developing Healthy Public Policies 

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Agenda  159 K.

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