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The Vibrant Communities Symposium
What makes a vibrant community? The NCCHPP co-organized a full day workshop on Health Impact Assessment at the pre-symposium, held in Winnipeg in March, 2010. 
Published in April, 2010.  DescriptionDownload  1.24 M.
The Vibrant Communities Symposium was held from March 9 to 11, 2010, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This event was organized by Health in Common, funded by Manitoba Health and Healthy Living. The goal was to share the social, economic, environmental and cultural perspectives of what makes a ?Vibrant Community? in order to develop a Vibrant Communities Charter while building a common vision for the future.

Health in Common asked the NCCHPP to help organize a pre-symposium on the theme of Health Impact Assessment, a promising tool to foster healthy public policy at the local level. Featuring presentations by actors who participated in HIA initiatives in Quebec's Montérégie region and in Nova Scotia (PATH-People assessing their health), the event aimed to present a general introduction to health impact assessment. To open the day's workshop, the NCCHPP presented the theoretical background of HIA, using the slides available below as part of that presentation.

Click here to download a background paper for this symposium from the site of Health in Common: Vibrant Communities: a Plan for Action 225 K.
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