Deliberating to Inform Decision-making - NCCHPP workshop at JASP 2010
At the JASP (Journées annuelles de santé publique-Annual Public Health Days), from March 9-12, 2010 in Montréal, the Centre presented a day-long workshop on deliberation.
Published in April, 2010.  Description.

The Centre organized a day-long workshop, held in Montréal on March 12th, during the Annual Public Health Days (Journées Annuelles de santé publique-JASP). The objective of this session was to share insights with public health professionals and decision-makers about the use of deliberative processes to inform decision-making.

Decision-making in the public health sector is complex. There are often uncertainties regarding the effectiveness of projects, programs, and policies to solve public health problems. In addition, there is often no consensus within the population, or among experts and decision-makers, about the best course of action. Deliberative processes can support decision-making by creating a dialogue between the various stakeholders to critically examine an issue and come to a rationally-motivated agreement.

The list of speakers included Julia Abelson (McMaster University), Mark Dobrow (University of Toronto), Michael Orsini (University of Ottawa), John Lavis (McMaster University), Luc Rabouin (Centre d'écologie urbaine de Montreal), Normand Brunet (Université de Montréal), Hubert Doucet (Université de Montréal), Michel Venne (Institut du Nouveau Monde).

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