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Health Impact Assessment: A Public Health Practice for Developing Healthy Public Policies
This presentation was part of the NCCHPP's pre-conference session on healthy public policy at the Canadian Public Health Association's 2009 Conference.
Published in June, 2009.  Description.  Download  764 K.
The NCCHPP presented a Pre-Conference Session at the Canadian Public health Association 2009 annual Conference in Winnipeg on June 7. The title of the Pre-Conference Session was Healthy Public Policy: From Theory to Practice.

With a mix of presentations, case studies and small group discussions, this session focused on practical means for acting upon public policy, including Introducing health impact assessment as a tool for bringing public health considerations to the policy table .

Health Impact Assessment: A Public Health Practice for Developing Healthy Public Policies 
 764 K
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To view the other two presentations introducing the areas under discussion during the day's workshop, check the links below.

Problem Framing: Implications for Partnerships with Not-for-profits

Deliberative Processes and Healthy Public Policies

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Agenda  159 K.
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