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Deliberative dialogues: A different way to gather evidence
In this workshop at the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health 2008 Summer Institute, Marie-Christine Hogue presented the knowledge review methodology developed by the Centre.
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Policy decisions are influenced by considerations that are not always addressed by the available effectiveness studies. The NCCHPP has designed a knowledge review methodology that can help public health actors better understand the political implications of various policy measures. This public policy synthesis methodology combines evidence, public policy knowledge, and contextual information.

In this session, the NCCHPP's Marie-Christine Hogue presented background information on the public policy review methodology and the theoretical implications underlying the use of deliberative dialogues to gather contextual information relevant to decision makers. The presentation also offered preliminary results of a deliberative dialogue held with public health actors in Vancouver.

Deliberative dialogues: A different way to gather evidence 
  344 K
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