Working with the CSDH conceptual framework for policy intervention
In this workshop at the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health 2008 Summer Institute, Val Morrison presented a case study of a community organization to illustrate how the World Health Organization's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health's (CSDH's) conceptual framework can help us to understand policy interventions.
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This presentation was part of a plenary session examining how different perspectives (social, political, cultural, etc.) on social determinants inform each other and help support a coordinated, coherent, and comprehensive or whole-of-government approach to addressing health status and disparities in population health.

Some of the issues for policy intervention examined in relation to the framework:  

  • How community organizations are/can be involved in the policy process
  • The types of intervention in which community organizations can be involved
  • How these organizations act on the social determinants of health 
  • The types of partnerships that public health actors might form with community organizations

Working with the CSDH conceptual framework for policy intervention: presentation of one community organization
  310 K
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