The Methods Used by Non-Profit Organizations to Influence Public Policy and the Implications for Public Health Actors - Summer Institute 2009
The NCCHPP presented a workshop on the policy-influencing practices of not-for-profits during the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health 2009 Summer Institute.
Published in July, 2009.  Description.
The implications of including "non-traditional" public health actors in the process of developing healthy public policy is one area addressed in the NCCHPP's work. We have specifically focused on the role played by non-profit organizations (NPOs) in public policy processes.

During this session, the NCCHPP's Val Morrison and François Gagnon presented work regarding the methods used by five Canadian non-profit organizations to influence public policy. 

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Intersectoral Activity and Not-for-Profit Organizations
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Putting public health on the agenda: the use of health knowledge by one not-for-profit organization
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 Not-for-profits' uses of health knowledges in influencing public policy
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The 2009 Summer Institute, held at Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, offered knowledge and tools for public health practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and community-based practitioners.

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