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Public Engagement in Public Health Ethics - Why, When and How?
At the Canadian Rural Health Research Society's Conference, the Centre presented a workshop on public engagement in public health ethics for policy and practice.
Published in October, 2010.  Description.  Download  2.41 MB
This workshop set out to introduce tools and frameworks in public engagement and in public health ethics, in order to apply them to concrete practical and policy issues. The goal was to discuss when public engagement is of particular importance for issues in public health ethics, and through examples to show how workshop participants can use public engagement to inform and support their own practices, as well as policy-making.

This workshop saw the Centre combining two areas of interest and was co-developed by François-Pierre Gauvin and Christopher McDougall. The Conference, Rural Health: Connecting Research and Policy, was held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, from September 23-25, 2010.

Public Engagement to Inform Ethically Challenging Public Health Policies: Approaches, Evidence and Insights.
 2.41 MB
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To read the workshop description (on the Canadian Rural Health Research Society Conference website)

To consult the Conference Program (on the Canadian Rural Health Research Society Conference website)

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