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Workshop - Public Engagement in Public Health Ethics - CPHA 2011
The NCCHPP's Christopher McDougall and François-Pierre Gauvin led a 90-minute workshop on public health ethics and citizen participation during the Canadian Public Health Association's (CPHA's) annual Conference.
Published in July 2011.  DescriptionDownload   3.38 MB

This workshop, entitled "Public engagement on Public Health Ethics: Approaches, Evidence and Insights for Developing Policy on Controversial Issues", was held on June 21, 2011.

The main goals of the session were to:
- Understand what public engagement is, and what forms it can take,

- Distinguish how public health ethics is distinct from bioethics,

- Identify when and why public engagement on ethical issues in public health is significant for public health practice and policy, and to

- Develop strategies for integrating tools for ethical analysis and public engagement.

Public Ethics for Public Health: From Engagement to Ethical Deliberation  
  3.38 MB 
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