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HIA as a knowledge exchange tool in the policy arena: A conceptual framework
The NCCHPP's Anika Mendell made this presentation on April 15, 2011 at the International HIA Conference in Granada, Spain.
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The International HIA 2011 Conference in Granada, Spain, organized by the Spanish Association of Health Impact Assessment in collaboration with the Andalusian School of Public Health, aimed to address the new challenges that HIA faces in the context of the current economic crisis and explore the new opportunities for development that this context might offer. It was addressed to public health professionals; other professionals working in environmental areas and at local level; researchers, academics and trainees interested in HIA; policy makers and decision makers; and representatives of civil society and key European institutions.

The NCCHPP's Anika Mendell presented a conceptual framework to better understand how HIA leads decision makers to take health into account, and under which conditions. This framework will be used to document an HIA project in Québec and to evaluate knowledge use among the decision makers in the context of this HIA.

The PowerPoint presentation prepared by Anika Mendell and Louise St-Pierre is now available.

HIA as a knowledge exchange tool in the policy arena: A conceptual framework
  515 K
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Click here to explore the HIA 2011 website, which includes report and presentations (PDF and video) from the conference.

This year's conference, HIA 2012, will be held from August 30-31, in Québec City. Visit the site at:
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