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Using Deliberative Processes to Inform the Development and Application of Knowledge Syntheses - CPHA 2012
The Centre's Florence Morestin co-presented a session on deliberative processes at the CPHA Annual Conference.
Published in July 2012.  Description.
The NCCHPP's Florence Morestin was invited to co-present a workshop on deliberative processes in the context of knowledge syntheses at the Canadian Public Health Association's (CPHA's) Annual Conference that was held in Edmonton from June 11-14, 2012.

Organized and co-presented with Karen Weir from the Canadian Population Health Initiative - Canadian Institute for Health Information (CPHI - CIHI), this session was designed to introduce and explore the use of deliberative processes to inform knowledge creation, synthesis and communication as well as policy development.

The PowerPoints used during this session are now available:

A brief introduction to deliberative processes
Florence Morestin
Image - first page of the presentation - click to download
Deliberative processes in the NCCHPP's method for synthesizing knowledge about public policies
Florence Morestin
 787 K
Image - first page of the presentation - click to download
Using Knowledge Exchange Activities to Guide Evidence Synthesis and Inform Policy Processes
Karen Weir
 615 K
Image - first page of the presentation - click to download

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