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Workshops and Presentations offered by the NCCHPP
The NCCHPP offers a series of presentations to public health actors working at the local and regional levels in Canada. These presentations, available online or on-site as a workshop (when possible), aim to familiarize public health actors with healthy public policies by presenting different tools for working with them or for understanding them better. 
January 2014.  Description.
This year's themes are:

Method for Synthesizing Knowledge about Public Policies 

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These various topics are briefly
 presented here 125 K

Health Impact Assessment: Practical Applications at tle Local and Regional Levels
Public Policy: An Introduction for Public Health
Governmental Rationalities and Public Policy
Communication and Public Health Actions
Wicked Problems and Deliberations: A Method for Establishing Dialogue 
Problem Framing: Implications for Policy Making
Transportation Policies and Health Inequalities: Avenues for Intervention
Traffic-calming Strategies: Understanding Impact to Improve Outcomes

The workshops may be adapted, particularly in terms of duration, format and objectives to better meet the needs of participants. All workshops will result in an assessment immediately after the session and then three months later to monitor if and how the content presented was used in practice.

If your organization is interested in any of our workshops or any other details, please contact Mylène Maguire and specify which area is of interest, as well as when you might wish to have a workshop in your area.

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