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Presentation – How to collaborate with government to get your research on the policy agenda

Presentation – Overcoming common gaps in KT approaches

The NCCHPP has a new Lead

Legalization of Non-medical Cannabis: A Public Health Approach to Regulation

2 workshops were offered at TOPHC 2017 on March 31:
Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities
Analyzing the Ethics of Paternalism in Public Health: Applying and Testing a New Framework

Now being offered for free: Our online training course - A framework for analyzing public policies.

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Healthy public policies and population mental health promotion for children and youth

Knowledge Sharing and Public Policy Series - The Advisors of Policy Makers: Who Are They, How Do They Handle Scientific Knowledge and What Can We Learn About How to Share Such Knowledge with Them?

Population Mental Health in Canada: An Overview of the Context, Stakeholders and Initiatives to Support Action in Public Health

Population Mental Health in Canada: Summary of Emerging Needs and Orientations to Support the Public Health Workforce

Aging and Safe Active Transportation: Issues and Courses of Action for Public Roadway Development

Raised Crosswalks and Continuous Sidewalks: "Pedestrian Priority"

Selected Tools to Facilitate the Integration of Health in All Policies

Policy Approaches to Reducing Health Inequalities

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