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Annotated Bibliography: Deliberative Processes
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Using deliberative processes to inform the development of healthy public policies - Summer Institute 2009
The NCCHPP presented a workshop on deliberative processes during the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health 2009 Summer Institute.
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Deliberative processes can be used to inform the development of healthy public policies. A deliberative process refers to a process during which a policy issue is critically examined by a group of participants (experts, policy-makers, the public and other relevant actors).

During this training session, presented by the Centre's François-Pierre Gauvin and Elisabeth Martin of Laval University, participants explored the theoretical and practical implications of using deliberative processes to inform healthy public policies.

Using Deliberative Processes to Inform the Development of Healthy Public Policies 
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The 2009 Summer Institute, held at Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, offered knowledge and tools for public health practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and community-based practitioners.

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