Intersectoral Governance for Health in All Policies: An Integrated Framework
The NCCHPP publishes the French translation of an article on integrated governance in public health. The original article by Louise St-Pierre and François-Pierre Gauvin appeared in English in the Public Health Bulletin SA.
Translation published in April, 2011. Description.  Download the original article in English (on the site of the Government of South Australia, Health SA)

The article proposes an analytical framework for a whole of government approach for public health problems calling for multisectoral participation. It was written as part of an international series of reflections on "Health in all policies" (HiAP) strategies.

The authors, the Centre's Louise St-Pierre and François-Pierre Gauvin, examine the principal conditions for assuring intersectoral governance for health. These include, notably, questions of leadership, coordination and collaboration, accountability, and cultural elements such as capacity building, value adjustment, and collective learning.

This article may be of interest to anyone studying whole-of-government approaches to health.
The NCCHPP has translated the article into French to make it available to a larger audience. To access the original English version, click on the links below to see the article in the Public Health Bulletin SA on the Government of South Australia's Health SA website.

Intersectoral Governance for Health in All Policies: An Integrated Framework
(Original English version on the site of the Government of South Australia, Health SA)

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The Centre would like to thank the Editors of Public Health Bulletin SA for their collaboration in the production of the French translation of this article.

St-Pierre, L. and Gauvin, F.-P. (2010, July). Intersectoral governance for Health in All Policies: an integrated framework. Public Health Bulletin SA. Adelaide 2010 International Meeting., 7(2), 31-36. [online]: 


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