Blog Article - Incorporating Health in Urban Planning: Québec City Case Study
The NCCHPP's Thierno Diallo published a blog article on health impact assessment (HIA) entitled, Incorporating Health in Urban Planning: Québec City Case Study. This article was created with the support of the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (NCCEH).
November 2019. Description.

In this article, Thierno explains why HIA is useful for decision making in urban planning. Decisions in urban planning have important effects on population health. Whether it regards transport, housing, facilities or green spaces, these choices can all influence physical health, mental health and health equity. HIAs can enable decision makers to choose optimally from among options to improve positive, and reduce negative health outcomes.

This article presents a concrete example of an HIA implementation project at the local level. This project, launched by the city of Québec in partnership with Laval University's school of land management and regional planning, aims to perform HIAs of different scales within the context of existing urban planning processes and to build regional intersectoral capacity. It describes how the projects was conducted, the actors involved as well as the lessons learned from this experience.

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