A Learning by Doing Approach to Health Impact Assessment
In this 3rd clip, Elizabeth Harris describes the Learning by Doing approach to Health Impact Assessment that was developed at her centre.
April 2019. Description – Click to watch.

The NCCHPP conducted an interview with Elizabeth Harris, a pioneer in the field of Health Impact Assessment and in promoting equity focused Health Impact Assessment.

Ms. Harris is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity at the University of New South Wales in Australia and Senior Advisor at the Health Equity Research and Development Unit in the Sydney Local Health District.

This interview is presented in four clips in which Ms. Harris presents the various dimensions of the Health in All Policies approach, the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and the equity focused HIA.

Click here to watch the other clips of this interview with Elizabeth Harris:

Clip 1 - Health in All Policies and Health Impact Assessment: Main Differences and Similarities

Clip 2 - Health in All Policies and Health Impact Assessment: Relevance at the Local and Regional Levels

Clip 4 - Health Impact Assessment and Equity- focused Health Impact Assessment: Main Differences

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