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WEBINAR - Wellbeing Budgeting and Public Health: Promising Practice for Pandemic Recovery?
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Article - A Framework for Supporting Action in Population Mental Health
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Seminar - Promoting Population Mental Health and Wellbeing for Children and Youth - Innovative Approaches to Policy, Practice and Research

Population Mental Health in Canada: Summary of Emerging Needs and Orientations to Support the Public Health Workforce
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Population Mental Health in Canada: An Overview of the Context, Stakeholders and Initiatives to Support Action in Public Health
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Defining a Population Mental Health Framework for Public Health
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Scan of Mental Health Strategies across Canada

Advancing Population Mental Health
On the site of the Ontario Health Promotion e-Bulletin.

Framework for Healthy Public Policies Favouring Mental Health (HPP-FMH)
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Annotated Bibliography: Population Mental Health
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Canadian Resources
Positive mental health surveillance indicator Framework. Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada (2016).

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Exploring Positive Mental Health.
Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2009). 
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Mentally Healthy Communities: A collection of Papers.
Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2008).
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Blogue Qualaxia
A site for discussing population mental health (in French)

International Resources

A special number of « La santé en action (Santé publique France) » on Promoting population mental health (Promouvoir la santé mentale de la population) (Available in French only). (March 2017).

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Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project Outputs
Final Project report. The Government Office for Science, London.
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What you need to know about mental health inequalities. DH-Scotland (2010).

Whole series on wellbeing across the life course. Starting well- developing well- living well-working well-aging well-… DH-UK.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing (UK).

The UKs Faculty of public health website on better mental health for all (UK).

Pascale Mantoura


The contribution to a knowledge base on population mental health

The material proposed here supports emerging practices in population mental health. It is guided by public health practitioners' identified needs in population mental health (see Axis 3).

Briefing notes

Special Contributions

  • Mantoura, P. (2013). Advancing Population Mental Health. OHPE Bulletin, vol 820

  • Mantoura, P., Roberge, M.C., & Fournier, L. Un cadre de référence pour soutenir l'action en santé mentale des populations. 42, 1 — Spring 2017. This article is available in English here.

Pascale Mantoura of the NCCHPP has published in collaboration with Marie Claude Roberge (INSPQ) and Louise Fournier (Université de Montréal) an article in a special edition of Santé mentale au Québec (santé mentale des populations). This article proposes a framework for population mental health and illustrates how the principle of populational responsibility, which underscores the governance of the province of Québec's health and social services network, is a good lever for population mental health intervention. The NCCHPP has obtained permission to translate and to make the article available on our website.

Associated presentations and workshops


A series of web presentations on population mental health

This series is characterized by six questions for population mental health: Why? Who? What? Where? When? and How? Over time, the NCCHPP will respond to these questions about population mental health through a program of web presentations.

While each web presentation will aim at answering a specific question which will orient its content, all the presentations have a common objective of guiding the viewer towards key resources.


List of population mental health web presentations:

  • Why?

  • What?

  • Who? (in production)

  • Where?

  • When?

  • How?

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A scan of mental health strategies on mental health in Canada

The identification, analysis and diffusion of strenghts, needs and roles of public health actors working in population mental health.

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